Common DC Mistakes with Layla

Common DC Mistakes with Layla

I had a chance to chat with Layla Monajemi, an energy engineer working for EMCOR Energy Services.  Layla specializes in mission critical facilities such as data centers but also has experience with commercial buildings, labs, and campus environments.  Layla was the first female to receive the Data Center Certified Energy Practitioner (DC-CEP) recognition from the Department of Energy.

Dan: In terms of energy efficiency, what are the three most common mistakes that you see in data centers?

Layla:  The most obvious mistake that I see is cooling the hot aisle.  More often than you would think, operators feel the need to place perforated tiles in the hot aisles because to them, hot is bad.  Hot is bad in the cold aisle, hot is ok in the hot aisle.

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