All the vendors sell me
In their unique and special way
They claim that I can do it all
“I’m an essential business play”

The buyers claim to own me
As in use for quite some time
The evidence is thin, I’ll grant
Low use is not a crime

I am illusive in my nature
Pin me down, I dare you try
For I am everywhere
Yet too few seem to buy

“My strength lies in software”,
I cry to a hardware crowd
But they all looked the other way
Their silence casting doubt

So to the software team I marched
Citing supurb cost cutting skills
Silencing my claim they said,
“Well we don’t pay the bills”

Most say that I’m expensive
And I hate to be that guy
I can truly help your business
Why must I have an ROI?

This year I plan to shout my strengths
In every panel, post, and tweet
And if I’m everywhere at once
Who can say I’m obsolete?

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