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I was recently exploring GE’s visualization blog and came across an interesting network visualization illustrating relationships between various medical conditions. Did you know that migraines are most strongly correlated with neck sprains? See the visualization here:

GE Visualization
GE Health Visualization


This got me thinking.  Can the same thing be done for the data center industry?  I intend to to find out.  Here’s what I have in mind.

Why am I doing this study?

The data center industry, which has been growing like gangbusters, has attracted a lot of new people to the field.  At a trade show in Chicago last week, an individual approached our group to ask: “I’m new to data centers, where do you all go to get information or research issues?” One gentleman answered: “go to the Uptime show”, another said: “I watched this great webinar by RF Code”, another referred to some groups on LinkedIn.  I mentioned DC Huddle of course.  With this recent interaction in mind, and the inspiration of the visualization technology, I thought it would be interesting to see how information gets passed around.  For example:

  • Where is the best place to go to learn about new technology or new ideas?
  • Where does the industry turn for Best Practices?
  • Does the industry absorb new ideas more effectively from Uptime or a webinar?
  • Which ideas stick after a tradeshow?  Which fall through the cracks?

My hope is that I can answer these types of questions and more. I hope to find some surprises, or at least some non-intuitive insights.  And, I’ll share whatever I find with you, right here on the blog.

Survey Closed.  See the results here.


5 thoughts on “Data Center Industry Social Graph

  1. Dan,

    Are you planning on sharing the complete dataset from your study?

    There are a number of organizations that may find this useful. Personally, I’d like to review the full dataset in the context of other work we are doing within The Green Grid.

    John Pflueger
    Dell | Principal Environmental Strategist
    Director, The Green Grid

  2. I think if would have been interested how many Linked in groups belong to I know a lot that have more that 12 on DC only.Would also be interested to see correlation between these are action eg building, buying ,making a solution ?

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  4. Dan – Very unique take here. I like how you’re trying to apply a simple graph used in the medical field to the data center industry. Also, some of the questions you’ve raised are very interesting, and are probably constant across all industries. The key questions: Where do people go to find the latest news for that industry, what “sticks” after trade shows, and how do you get them to stick? Very interesting thoughts.

    – Jackie
    AlphaPoint Technology Software for Data Center Management

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